Abstract - This study aims to analyze the quality of 5G network services from Providers X and Y in the context of 4K video streaming applications in Pekanbaru City. This research uses measurement methods using Wireshark software to collect data on throughput, packet loss, delay, and jitter. The collected data is then analyzed to compare the 5G network quality between Providers X and Y. The measurement results show that Provider X has a throughput of 1410 bps, while Provider Y has a throughput of 4062.140109 bps. The packet loss rate on Provider X is 0.0246%, while on Provider Y it is 0.0027%. The measured delay on Provider X is 5.8670 ms, while on Provider Y it is 1.9694 ms. The measured jitter on Provider X is 5.8672 ms, while on Provider Y it is 1.9691 ms. Based on the measurement results and the standardization provided by ITU-T, it can be concluded that Provider Y performs better in terms of throughput, packet loss, delay, and jitter compared to Provider X. These findings can serve as a basis for telecommunications service providers to improve their 5G network quality and assist users in choosing a provider that meets their needs.


Keyword : QoS, 5G, Wireshark, throughput, packet loss, delay, jitter, video streaming, resolusi 4K, Pekanbaru.