Every dry season the agricultural land in the Binong Region experiences drought so they have to collect water using a water pump that is driven by a diesel engine that is fueled by bio-solar. At this time the use of bio-diesel is limited so farmers often find it difficult to get it. The purpose of this research is to analyze PLTS as an alternative to bio-diesel fuel and to calculate the economic feasibility of PLTS. The method used is by conducting interviews and observing directly at the location and calculating using pre-existing equations. From this analysis, it can be concluded that this project is not investment-worthy. The results obtained from this research are that with a water pump power requirement of 2,400 watts, we need 10 pcs of 530wp monocrystalline solar panels, 4 pcs of 48v 100A lifepo4 batteries, SCC or MPPT with a capacity of 100A, inverter with a capacity of 5kw with a total initial investment of Rp. 121,088,187 and a total of Rp. 400,186,820 with a Cost of Energy of IDR 1,477.12/kWh and an NPV of IDR. 150,220,935.72 and net cash flow or DPP occurs in the 4th year.