One of the efforts to reduce the transmission of Coronavirus Disease-19 (Covid-19) is to detect body temperature and use masks. Body temperature detection and masks are carried out in an effort to identify Covid-19 patients. Checking body temperature and masks manually can result in officers being exposed to other people when checking temperatures and masks. The purpose of this study is to design a human interface so that when detecting temperature and masks can detect simultaneously automatically and in real time. In temperature detection using the 8833 amg sensor, the temperature detection data on the Arduino IDE will be serialized to the matlab program to display the temperature detection results contained in the designed matlab program, for mask detection using a webcam to find out objects using masks or not. The results of testing the human interface design from a detection distance of 50cm can display the detected temperature with the highest temperature error value of 1.1 °C and can detect faces facing the webcam for mask detection which will display the results on the human interface simultaneously in real time equipped with speakers equipped with built-in speakers. will activate as a warning when the temperature exceeds 37°C or not wearing a mask.