The community's need for the importance of hand sanitizers is one of the reasons for the increasing number of types and models of hand sanitizers on the market. However, in some places such as schools, supermarkets, and offices, there are no hand sanitizer tubes that can provide information to admins if the tubes are empty. For this reason, the author makes a design in the form of a simulation of a hand sanitizer tube monitoring system to be able to provide information or notifications to the admin or manager about the condition of the tube. This study uses LabVIEW software with a front panel interface, to instruct it through block diagrams, using the research method, namely simulation. This test is carried out using an infrared sensor as an object detector in the simulation to produce liquid that comes out of the tube on the front panel display. From the results of the study, the authors conclude that the simulation of the LabVIEW-based hand sanitizer tube monitoring system provides information that when the sensor detects an object at a distance of 1-5 cm, the hand sanitizer liquid that comes out of the tube is a maximum of 0.13 milliliters with a time lag between the first and second fluids. log out for 2 seconds and at the same time provide information or notification to admin. From the results of this study, it will have an impact on the effectiveness of users or admins in controlling each hand sanitizer tube in all specified locations.