Abstract - Implementation of Kilo Watt hours (KWh) meter electricity applied in boarding houses, electricity is only connected to each room and used as a whole. In general, boarding houses per room have different users, so that the use of electricity and water with one KWh meter and one water meter is used by many rooms, so a system is needed to record the value of electricity and water consumption for each room. This tool is designed to be able to provide information on electricity and water usage from the boarding house continuously to the boarding house manager (admin) as well as safety in anticipation of overloading. The system is made using current sensor SCT 013, AC voltage sensor ZMPT101B. Then assisted by designing a power factor sensor, all system sensors in the boarding house are designed in the Arduino Nano microcontroller module, as well as the HC-12 module for data communication from the room system to the admin system which is designed using the Esp 8286 Module. After that the admin system is connected to the internet with the platform. IoT Fire Base and connected to a smart phone. As for monitoring the entire system using applications on the smart phone. In the smartphone feature, there is a per room account to view electricity and water consumption, as well as an admin user account for monitoring and controlling electricity consumption, with prepaid and postpaid payment systems. As a result, the system can function to record in each room using a smart phone, and all sensors are working properly. Admins can provide KWh allocations to room users and can apply postpaid and prepaid payment systems to boarding room users.