Waste is of course a problem in life everyday, from different types of waste, varying volume of waste to the problem of rubbish being often scattered piled up in the trash so that it can cause certain diseases when waste is allowed to accumulate. The purpose of this study is that the types of waste that are disposed of do not combine in one more trash can and that waste is no longer stacked up when the trash can is full. This study will use the ATmega328P as a controller in the entire work process of the tool, temporary electromagnetic magnet for sorting metal waste while the touch sensor is used for sorting wet or dry waste. The temporary electromagnetic magnets used are capable of lifting metal waste loads up to a maximum of 1.9 kg, while the touch sensor used in this study can sort wet waste or dry waste because the touch sensor has an analog output. The analog output of wet waste is in the range 2.5 - 209 and the analog output for dry waste is in the range 210 - 224. The conveyor in this study functions as a place to drop trash and deliver waste to different bins. The success value of the entire system made in this study was 79%.