A conveyor or conveyor belt is a tool that is widely used in various industries. Generally, conveyors are used as a means of conveying industrial materials from point A to point B for processing. This research is focused on making a conveyor protection system in the industry which is useful for providing information on the location of the repair status of conveyor belts. This tool adds safety to the existing pull cord switches on the conveyor. This tool serves to provide a sign or node where the repair status occurs on the conveyor. This tool will send an emergency signal in the form of serial addressing, and the signal will be sent to the operator's computer so that the operator can find out the location of the conveyor repair. The target of this test is that this tool can be used at PT Pupuk Kujang which has 3 conveyor lines. In this study, the data transmission distance using the RS-485 can be successfully carried out with a distance of 2453m without defects, when it exceeds that distance the signal will be disabled and even the data cannot be transmitted. The average data delivery time from the 3 line conveyors is 1047.7 ms. The final result of this research is that this tool can send a repair location signal when used to handle case studies of conveyors at PT Pupuk Kujang.