Since the initial planting of oil palm in Indonesia in 1849 until 2019, the area of ​​oil palm plantations has experienced an increasing development. Indonesia is one of the largest palm oil production commodities in the world. So we need a technological innovation for monitoring a very large area in an efficient time. The technology that is suitable for monitoring and searching for logistics areas is to use unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) because searches can be carried out in the air which is not constrained by difficult ground access. The choice of fixed wing drone is better than multirotor drones due to its low power consumption and large area of ​​exploration. The focus of this research is to find a logistics area for fertilizers in plantations. The logistics area being sought is a tarp in the shape of an orange box with a size of 2x2 m. In the search mission for the logistics area, the main method used is the HSV color scale limitation. To maximize the process of observing the logistics area, a system is needed to maximize the frame computation speed in detecting the logistics area so as not to decrease the frame rate displayed. The logistics area detection test uses one HSV parameter to test the reliability of the detection system in finding a logistics area. The test was carried out in the morning at 08.00 until noon at 15.00. Based on the test results, it can be concluded that the computational speed in detecting the logistics area is 25 fps and the detection system can detect the logistics area with a brightness intensity range of 24710 lux to 41530 lux with 1 HSV parameter.