To design a system in order to identify an object number plate for the Indonesian format, an initial system is designed, in the form of a vehicle licence plate recognition application using template matching method. The goal of this application is to be implemented to the parking system by identifying the number plate. This system uses the camera for the image capture process, by utilizing image processing technology with the matching correlation template method for recognition to produce a string value from the image. Before doing recognition process, First, the pre processing stage is performed on the input image which includes grayscale, binary, until the segmentation stage before the correlation / comparison process is carried out on the image of Template. The process that occure in the pre-processing unit done for some reason including to make the image lighter and less complex. This process will make the image easer to be processed and also to increase the proses speed of the system. Before aply template matching algorithm to the image output from segmentation process, the image has to be resized first to match the size of the template image stored in data base. This has to done so that the target image and the template image can be match directly with template matching algorithm.  The output of this system is a string value which is refer to the value of the license plate capture by camera used by the system. The problem that arises in the introduction process is how to identify various types of characters with various sizes and shapes so that the string value is the same as the text image. The average success rate of this application is 70% so that further research must be carried out so this system can be implemented into the parking system.

Keyword : Image Processing, Template matching, Camera, Number Plate, Matlab