Online Submission

  1. First, login to the OJS or register if you do not have an account.
  2. Fill the register form, especially with *.
  3. After your registration is done, you can login and submit your article by clicking New Submission button.
  4. Start the submission process.
    • Choose the submission language.
    • Then fill the Comment for the Editor if you have something to tell to the Editor about your article.
    • Tick the statement that you agree to have your data collected and stored according to the privacy statement. You can also read the privacy statement first before thick it.
  5. Click Save and continue
  6. Upload Submission File.
    • Choose the type of article component e.g., Article text, Research instrument, Research analysis, Data Set, etc.
    • After that choose upload file or Drag and drop the file to begin the upload. You can also change the file if you upload the wrong file. Click Continue to continue the Upload Submission File.
    • Review detail will show you the file uploaded. Click Continue if you upload the right file.
    • In the Confirm menu, you can add more file that related to the submission, e.g copyright transfer statement, ethical statement, or Research instrument, Research analysis, Data Set, etc. If you have done, then click Complete to finish the Upload Submission File process. Then click Save and continue.
  7. Next, Enter Metadata
    • Fill the form, especially with the red mark (*). Fill the Title of the article with Capitalize Each Word, for example, Design of Academic Information System.
    • Fill the Abstract in English and in Bahasa or you can only choose to fill the Abstract in English.
    • In List of Contributor, Add the contributor in your article. You can also reorder the position of the list because this will affect the order of the names of the authors of the articles on OJS. Click save if you have done.
    • In the Confirmation process, click Finish Submission. Click OK on the Confirm dialog box.