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Jurnal Teknologi dan Informasi (JATI) (p-ISSN: 2088-2270e-ISSN: 2655-6839) is free of fee, open access, and peer-reviewed journal, published by Program Studi Sistem Informasi Fakultas Teknik Ilmu Komputer Universitas Komputer Indonesia, which is a dissemination medium for research results from scientists and engineers in the information technology and information system field. JATI is a biannual journal issued in March and September with the objectives to explore, develop, and elucidate the knowledge of information system, to keep practitioners and researchers informed on current issues and best practices, as well as serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and expertise among technology researchers and practitioners.

The editors welcome submissions of papers describing recent theoretical and experimental research related to; (1) Theoretical articles, (2) Empirical studies, (3) Practice-oriented papers, (4) Case studies, (5) Review of papers, books, and resources.


Jurnal Teknologi dan Informasi (JATI) (p-ISSN: 2088-2270e-ISSN: 2655-6839) promotes research in the field of information system with particular respect to Indonesia, but not limited to authorship or topical coverage within the region.

Contributions are expected from senior researchers, project managers, research administrators, and bachelor, master, and PhD students at advanced stages of their research, representing both public organizations and private industry. Equally, the journal is intended for scholars and students, researchers working at research organizations and government agencies, and also for enterprises undertaking applied R&D to lead innovations.

The editorial contents and elements that comprise the journal include:

  • Theoretical articles
  • Empirical studies
  • Practice-oriented papers
  • Case studies
  • Review of papers, books, and resources.

As far as the criteria for evaluating and accepting submissions is concerned, a rigorous review process will be used. Submitted papers will, prior to the formal review, be screened so as to ensure their suitability and adequacy to the journal. In addition, initial quality control will be performed, so as to ensure matters such as language, style of references, and others, comply with the journal's style.

Focus & Scope

Jurnal Teknologi dan Informasi (JATI) (p-ISSN: 2088-2270, e-ISSN: 2655-6839) provides media to publish the original research articles from contributors related to Information System.

  • Decision Support System
  • Design and Implementation System
  • Geographic Information System
  • Knowledge Management System
  • Management Information System
  • Project Management System
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Information Technology Infrastructure
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Modelling
  • IT Audit & Assessment
  • IT Management
  • IT Governance
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Methodology and Software Development
  • Process Mining
  • Data Mining
  • Data Science
  • E-Learning
  • E-Commerce

Publication Frequency

Jurnal Teknologi dan Informasi (JATI) (p-ISSN: 2088-2270, e-ISSN: 2655-6839) is published biannually in March and September. There are fourteen (14) articles published annually, in which each issue has seven (7) articles. Each published article will be assigned with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) with prefix 10.34010.

Commencement of publication: March 2011


Articles published in Jurnal Teknologi dan Informasi (JATI) (p-ISSN: 2088-2270, e-ISSN: 2655-6839) have appeared in the following indexes:


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