Humbert-Humbert in “Lolita†is portrayed as a man who admired young girls in his life due to his lack of affection during childhood. In order to fulfill the absence, Humbert has developed particular personality, which was being a well-mannered person. However, this personality was merely his way and Ego to interact with society. In addition, this personality was Humbert’s method to cope and negotiate with his deepest passion since his individuality was bound with morality rules in his society. This paper applies descriptive-analytic method and adopts McLeod’s ideas on Id, Ego and Superego to identify how Humbert coped with his deepest desire. From the discussion, this current research found that he managed himself by being a literature professor as well as a husband in order to fulfill his Id yet being tolerated with his superego. Thus, this particular personality was apparently projected as his coping method and his way to be a so-called good person in his society.