Figurative language is used to express feelings by using particular style and dictions. It  exist in various way, but it can be identified clearly in literary works and songs. Doel Sumbang’s “Bulan Batu Hiuâ€, for example, contains various type of figurative language. Thus, this research is aimed to find out the types of figurative language and meanings of figurative language in the Doel Sumbang’s song Lyric “Bulan Batu Hiuâ€. The methodology of this research is qualitative research. Data are taken from the lyric song. To analyze the issue, this research is using Knickerbocker and Williard Reninger (1963) ideas on classification of figurative language. As the result, Doel Sumbang’s song Lyric “Bulan Batu Hiu†has  two types of figurative language, personofocations and hyperboles. There are three personifications and three hyperboles types which describe connotative meaning.