Network tester or so-called LAN tester is commonly used in the world of technol-ogy and information specifically related to computer networks. Network tester is very helpful for the beginner as technicians or students in learning how to install a network cable type of unshielded twisted pair (UTP) correctly. Not uncommon for a university to buy this device in large numbers but their use can not survive for one semester, making it imperative for the institution or the institution must buy back the tool for lectures next semester so it certainly makes waste in the provision of goods and services in company or university. The shortcom-ings of existing tester today is the start of the power button is still using the shift key so that the key is often broken when operated while the device is still new. Then the other shortcomings lies in LED indicators are used to determine wheth-er or not the correct network cabling generated by student or technician before use on larger networks. In addition, the tester is still very dependent on power supply batrry used that often by the time it takes turns battry power is weak and can not be used again so that the learning process becomes inhibited.