The Performance of Study Program is the determinant factor of Higher Education performance. The decrease of the number of students enrolling in the Study
Program (Prodi), the accreditation result of Prodi, the duration of student study
and the absorption of alumni are the factors of Prodi performance that have not
been achieved yet according to the purpose of the Institution. The problem is
pointed out that only the utilization of information technology has not been
evenly distributed both to lecturers and employees, to unorganized organizational climate, and performance management that has not been effectively implemented. Based on these phenomena, the purpose of this study is to obtain the
results of the study and analysis of the study program performance model affected by management performance with the help of utilization of information
technology and organizational climate.
Research approach is quantitative. The object of research is the study program
in UNIKOM environment with saturated samples amounted to 27 Study Programs. Data collection uses questionnaires, interviews and documentation. The
analysis procedure is path analysis.
Research result shows that the performance of study program in the UNIKOM
environment has not been in accordance with institutional expectations, especially in the acquisition of accreditation; Performance management has not
been effective yet; Utilization of information technology especially software implementation has not been conducive to service to students, and organization
climate has not been fully support the achievement of Prodi's performance yet,
especially in achieving superior accreditation. This research result generates a
new model, which is different from the previous research, where the use of information technology, and organizational climate give very low direct effect to
Prodi's performance, whereas the performance management shows dominant
effect on Prodi's performance. This means that Prodi's performance will be optimal when it has the use of appropriate information technology and organizational climate conducive in supporting effective performance management