The issue of flood management policies serves polemics in public discourse with no consistency of risk management policies; the arguments continue. As a result, this phenomenon leads to the fact that a technology alone cannot answer the challenges of management risk, and public work projects are promoted to address those challenges. As behavourists saying, mind determines attitude, one of essential public work projects is related to a change of peoples mind by learning from others experienisces. The manipulation of Indonesians mind through learning Japaneses mind is considered as a focus of this research. The research itself aims to examine Japanese indiginious culture to assist Indonesian in identifying and applying its own indigenous culture. Conducting the research, analytic descriptive qualitative approach is applied comprehendly. Analyzing the cases, the research shows that Japanese moral etique, bushido, and its indiginious culture are implemented to formulate flood management policies. Government, private companies, and citizens work together to manage the risk.
Keywords : Japaneses ethos, flood, management policies