Aims and Scope

The International Journal of Design (INJUDES) provides a medium for publishing articles that focus on developing an understanding of the design process. It accepts original research from contributors related to all areas of design, including industrial design, product design, architectural and urban design, computer artifact and systems design, visual communication design, and other related designs field.

INJUDES invites papers on various design topics, including the following:

  • Computer Applications in Design
  • Design Strategy and Management
  • Globalization and Localization Approaches to Design
  • Ergonomics and Perceptions in Design
  • Social-Cultural Aspects of Design
  • Design Theories and Methodologies
  • Design Synthesis
  • Cognition of Design Creativity
  • Method and Tools for Design Creativity and Innovation
  • Representation of Design Creativity and Innovation
  • Education for Design Creativity and Innovation
  • Concept Generation and Inspiration

INJUDES welcomes various kinds of research papers (analytical studies, case studies, constructive studies, field studies, literature surveys, etc.) that will establish the basis for the academic discipline of design creativity and innovation. Articles should be written to be intelligible and pertinent to a wide range of readership across different design domains. To be relevant for this journal, a paper has to offer something that gives new insight into or knowledge about the design process, or assists new development of the processes of designing.