Please note that there are no article processing charges (APCs) or any other submission charges for publication.

Visualita accept two (2) types of the manuscript  i.e. research result and academic writing.

The general Author Guidelines are as follow:

1. Divide the manuscript into two parts i.e. title page and main/body page.

2. Title page contains the Title of the manuscriprt and author[s] identities and statements.

3. Main/body page of the academic writing & research result manuscript  consist of Introduction, Method, Result and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement (if applicable),  details of symbols (if any), and References. The template of academic writing & research result manuscript can be downloaded here

5. Place Figure, Illustration (minimum 300 dpi), and Table in the texts at appropriate sentences.

6. Avoid sentences on main/body pages resulting in reviewers know who the author is.

7. The format of the manuscript is Microsoft Word or OpenOffice, anonymous identity, and maximum size of the file is 40 mb.