Information systems in an agency are very useful and their needs are increasing in the current era. The information system required by each agency is used to provide information to an agency. The success of the information system can be seen from the work process of the system that is already running and the resulting suitability of needs. In this study, the object is the information system at SMA Negeri 1 Kerambitan. The fact that can be found in this study is the lack of understanding of users using an existing information system. Therefore, the researcher conducted an analysis on the information system that was already running in order to find out whether the information system was still suitable for use or needed a redesign. Therefore, the researcher conducted an analysis using the System Usability Scale method. Based on the results of the System Usability Scale questionnaire, it was found that only a few respondents were confused about using the information system. However, after the results of the questionnaire were calculated, it was found that the information system had obtained a value above average. So it can be concluded that the information system is still feasible to use and no redesign is required.

Key Words : System, Information, SUS (System Usability Scale)