The problem of crime is a universal problem, including during the Covid 19 pandemic, which is a disease that spreads rapidly and is deadly. With the COVID-19 pandemic, several countries have recorded a decrease in crime, but there are several records for increasing numbers of street crime, domestic violence and cyber crime. This phenomenon was triggered by economic factors, where during the Covid 19 pandemic there were restrictions in various sectors in efforts to prevent the spread of Covid 19. The approach method used in this study was the statute approach and the research specifications used the descriptive analytical method. Analytical descriptive is a study that describes, finds legal facts as a whole and systematically studies secondary data. Based on the analysis, it shows that in addition to several factors conducive to the occurrence of crime as well as obstacles in clearly finding the causes of crime, a concept or system is needed that must be carried out continuously and continuously for the prevention and handling of crimes that occur in society by involving various kinds of state elements including citizens.

Key Words : Crime, Covid 19, Criminology