The method of this research is quantitative description. This research is using primary data and secondary data that get from financial data and non financial data from PT. BTN (persero) Branch Tasikmalaya. To test the hypothesis is used linear regression , and correlation with using program SPSS 15.0 For Windows.

Based on the research result , there is an influence between Outsider Funding Resources To Credit Allocation . The two Variables show an very strong correlation at r = 0,891 with posistive correlation value. This mean if Outsider 79,3 % and the rest 20,7 % which is influenced by other factors . While in hypothesis examination using t test, it show t rejected. In conclusion , Outsider Funding Resources gives very high influence on Credit Allocation PT. BTN (Persero) Branch Tasikmalaya.

Key word : Outsider Funding Resources, Credit Allocation