Environmental issues become one of the trends in the phenomenon of international relations that are
increasingly dynamic. These environmental issues not only focus on what is happening in the area of
the Sea, Land and Air but have crossed the horizon, which is Space. One of the phenomena of the
study is about space debris.
The existence of space debris has become a matter that requires international regulation, considering
the handling requires cross-country arrangements.
This is the impetus of the purpose of this study, namely to find out the condition of the Space in this
case the issue of space debris and the response of each country to solve the problem of Space debris
through international regulation.
By using qualitative research methods, it can be explained the results of this study show that space
debris has become an environmental issue in the phenomenon of international relations, the response
of the state is important to be able to produce international regulations aimed at safeguarding the
shared earth environment. inside it.