The future government is a digital government that relies on the ability of E. Govt. (electronic
government) and it is impossible to avoid it. Advances in science, communication technology and
information and the development of the economy and trade. Cause the Government is faced with an
increasingly liberal and individualist mass of people who tend to deny the existence and grandeur of
culture and religion. It is also necessary to understand that the social transformation experienced by
"the West" originated from agriculture (first wave), industry (second wave), and information ( third
wave), as Alvin Toffler stated in Future Shock and The Third Wave occurring in third world countries
simultaneously, no exception in Indonesia. This causes the Indonesian people to be in the three waves,
so naturally the development development must be based on the indications of the three waves. 4.O
Industrial Revolution, is indicated by the development of global information that has swept and
spread globally which has caused third-world societies, including Indonesia, to be in a transition of
values. The values of the industrial society and the values of the information society have not grown
and are adaptive in people's lives, while the values of tradition have gradually been abandoned. As
a result, the size of a society's assessment of a problem tends to be multi-dimensional and highly
dependent on those who are able to benefit economically as measured by the appearance of