Attitudes on Halal Beauty Products: An Appraisal Analysis

  • Marwito Wihadi Universitas Kuningan, Department of English Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education
  • Eva Tuckyta Sari Sujatna Universitas Padjadjara, Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Cultural Science
Keywords: SFL, Appraisal, Attitudes, Advertorial, Halal


Advertorials as a writing genre composed in mass media persuade readers to use the products advertised. Stances as essential interpersonal aspects enact the writers’ evaluation of the subjects in a discourse. This paradigmatic discourse analysis qualitative research focused on the text describing what attitudinal values were prevalent and how the writers manipulated them. An advertorial promoting beauty product was analyzed to depict the interpersonal meta functions employed. It was pinpointed that Affects, Judgments and Appreciation, sub-categories of Attitudes in Appraisal System, were completely present in which Judgment domains were overtly exploited. Subsequently, Capacity and Tenacity were preponderantly of prevalence in particular. Therefore, these were apt to the writer’s evaluation of judgment values over the products towards prospective buyers, namely Indonesian female Muslims. It is imperative that addition and comparison of other forms of discourse to explore Attitudes in depth be in the need.

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