International Journal of Computer in Humanities (INJUCHUM) is open access and peer-reviewed international journal managed by Universitas Komputer Indonesia. INJUCHUM aims to publish originals research and quality articles work in the field of social sciences and humanities and is an annual journal published since 2021.
International Journal of Computer in Humanities welcomes researchers, industries, practitioners, students, and lecturers from related fields to contribute by submitting articles that illustrate research results significant advances in social sciences and humanities that can contribute to the development of science.


INJUCHUM cover all topics under the fields of social science and humanities.

 English Literature

  1. Linguistic
  2. Applied Linguistic
  3. Systemic Functional Linguistic
  4. Digital Humanities
  5. Urban Culture
  6. Cultural Studies
  7. Translating and Interpreting
  8. Language Acquisition
  9. Language and Gender
  10. Language and Media
  11. Latent Semantic Analysis
  12. Media and Gender
  13. Media and Identity
  14. Literature and Cyber culture
  15. Cognitive Semantics

Japanese Literature

  1. Japanese Language
  2. Japanese Linguistics
  3. Japanese Applied Linguistic
  4. Japanese Culture
  5. Japanese Literature
  6. Japanese
  7. Translation/Interpretation
  8. Japanese Education
  9. Japanese Studies