• Shalaka Sajane Department of Management Studies, Rajarambapu Institue of Technology, India
  • Dr. Hemlata Gaikwad Department of Management studies, Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, India
Keywords: Social Media, Influence, Impact, Brand Awareness, Business Performance, Growth


Television, newspapers, and radio were the only forms
of media available to companies until the late 1990s;
however, in the early 2000s, a media revolution
occurred, and the world was introduced to Social
Media. Like any other kind of media, social media is a
tool for communication, but it is utilized on a wider
scale for social engagement utilizing highly accessible
and scalable technologies. Techniques of communication Social media has a
beneficial impact and influence on both the business
and its clients. Marketers are increasingly relying on
social media, which requires relatively little effort.
Consumers in today's world consider a company's
internet presence before making a decision.
As a result, businesses may innovate while still building
a strong social presence by continually attending to
their consumers' wants and concerns. Companies have
accepted Social Media as a vital tool for their marketing
campaigns on a global scale; however, this is not the
case in India. What are the advantages of using social
media? What are some social media examples? This research
examines the advantages, consequences, and
significance of social media on company performance
and growth.

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Sajane, S., & Gaikwad, D. (2021). RESEARCH ON THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON BUSINESS/STARTUPS. International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Technopreneur (INJETECH), 2, 13-22.