Journal Summary

Civil Engineering Research Journal (CRANE) is published by Program Studi Teknik Sipil, Fakultas Teknik dan Ilmu Komputer, Universitas Komputer Indonesia regularly (every six months in March and September) with the aim of disseminating various types of research results in the field of civil engineering to the public. CRANE receives article submissions from research in civil engineering written in Indonesian or English. The author must state that articles sent to CRANE are not sent or published in other journals. In order for the results of research in civil engineering contained in CRANE to be useful for the development of the fields of civil engineering, the author of the article is obliged to provide research data to those who need it. Determination of articles contained in CRANE through a double-blind review process by CRANE, taking into account: the fulfillment of standard requirements for journal publications, the research methodology used, and the significance of the contribution of research results to the scientific and technological development of information. The editor is responsible for providing a constructive review, and if deemed necessary, submit the results of the evaluation to the author of the article.

Focus and Scope
The scientific fields that are the focus of this issue are Civil and Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Design, Construction and Building Materials, Construction Management, Geo-Technical Engineering, Hydraulic engineering, Sustainability in Civil Engineering, Transportation engineering, Water Science and Engineering.