The “ARTic" Journal of Design is a semiannual issue, intended for the discussion of theoretical problems of design, the sphere of which includes the questions of designing the visual aspects of product/media and functioning of culture as a communicative environment.

Design is understood as a one of the new dynamic human sciences, and as an multidisciplinary field, in which methods and achievements of the “traditional”, “classic” branch of the humanities interact: philosophy, cultural studies, sociology, political science, art history, religious studies, aesthetics, ethics, history, linguistics, ethnography etc. Lindinger (1991) declared that design is ‘to participate in the making of a new culture from spoon to city.’

Publication frequency: 2 issues per year in June and December.

The languages of this journal is English. For publication in the journal Editoral Board accepts papers written in the following genres: scientific article; translation of scientific article; essay; interviews; review; bibliographic review; report on the scientific event. All sent materials are reviewed.

The founder of this scientific journal is Universitas Komputer Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia.