The research proposes that entities occupying as AGENT and AFFECTED apparently appear in clauses of trilingual Balinese Folklores. Although they play as main roles in semantic role system, a concept of animate things has a potential influence in giving a notion. Thus, the aims of the research are to identify and to analyze: (1) the roles of entities in semantic role system, and (2) a concept of animate things. Applying research procedures of analytic descriptive method, collected and classified data are analyzed using Kreidler’s semantic role theory (1998). Briefly, Kreidler (1998:70) claims that AGENT is an entity or a main actor in an event that results or gives a change to another entity, and AFFECTED is an entity that receives the change. In this research, 48 data from 9 books of trilingual Balinese Folklores are analyzed based on the issues suggested. As a result, 45 AGENTS and 49 AFFECTED are identified. Furthermore, all those roles take animate things.