The title of this research is The Translation of Relative Pronoun “Yang†in 9 summers 10 automns, an Indonesian Novel: Syntactic and Semantic Studies. This research deals with translation of the relative pronoun “yang†in Indonesian novel. The material discussed in this research is about how the relative pronoun “yang†is translated into English. The writer has used a descriptive-comparative method because the writer tries to explain clearly and specifically the topic on the relative pronoun “yangâ€, and tries to compare between the relative pronoun “yang†and its translation in English. There are two categories in this research. The two categories are; (1) in what way the relative pronoun “yang†explicitly is translated into English; (2) what constructions are the forms of the relative pronoun in English as the result of the translation of the relative pronoun “yangâ€. From the result of the research which has used corpus analysis, it can be concluded that there are three analysis of translation of the relative pronoun “yang†after being translated into English. They are relative pronoun who, relative pronoun whom, and relative pronoun whose.