This article analyzes about television as medium to do hegemony which is executed by President Alma Coin, one of authorizers in “Mockingjay†novel which is the focus of the performer of hegemony in this article. Coin is the authorizer of District 13—outcast region of a state named Panem. She wants to overthrow President Coriolanus Snow from his position as the authorizer of Panem. To do her hegemony, Coin ignites uprising movement by using Katniss Everdeen as Mockingjay—face of the uprising—and make Propos—propaganda spots—which is broadcasted to all over Panem through television. Katniss is used by Coin as puppet to deliver her government speeches because Katniss has huge influence in Panem. Coin also makes Propos which contains footage videos of Snow’s cruel authorization which will doctrine Panem subjects and lead them into their belief alteration to Coin as a purpose. This article uses qualitative descriptive method to analyze television which is used as medium of authorizer’s hegemony in “Mockingjay†novel. The result of this article shows that television certainly can be a medium of authorizer, in this case is Coin, to do hegemony. Coin makes Propos and broadcasts it in television which aims to impose her political opponent, Snow, and to earned the whole Panem subjects’ voice. In addition, Coin also uses Katniss as the main star of her Propos because of the influence that Katniss has.