In the current digitalization Management Information Systems era, it is essential to manage an agency; with the help of management by information technology, it can accelerate the process and reduce errors. In managing the Honorarium of SMAN 1 Blanakan, it is still carried out conventionally. It often causes errors in data input, and calculating the honorarium is still not optimal, so there is a risk of errors resulting in incorrect nominal honoraria. The solution to solving the existing problems in designing and developing a web-based Honorarium Management Information System at SMAN 1 Blanakan to facilitate the management of honorarium payments. So that it can provide convenience, a structured calculation process, and reduce the occurrence of errors. This study uses the Design Science method, which produces artifacts for making applications. The initial development of the application at the data collection stage uses observations and interviews with administrative staff at SMAN 1 Blanakan to explain the process and the weaknesses to support future problem-solving. The application development stage method uses the waterfall method, which contains steps including communication, Planning, Modeling, Construction, and Deployment. Apart from the method of making this research application using design tools using the Unified Modeling Language and Entity Relationship Diagram for database design. For making applications using CodeIgniter Framework and the database side of this research using MySQL. This research's final result is that it has produced an Honorarium Management Information System application that helps SMAN 1 Blanakan manage employee salaries more quickly and accurately, reduces errors, and can produce reports as expected.