Some of the problems in SMA IT Alia are currently the students having trouble if you have to get materials easily and quickly when students were out of school hours as well as students having trouble if you have to understand about materials when students permission did not go to school. It is hoped that this application can make it easier for students in getting information a course in the form of Chatbot, and allow teachers to get into the class of digital to access and upload the subject matter Moodle. Through technology Chatbot, in SMA IT Alia are currently students are expected to be questions and answer about understanding the subject matter. Chatbot can interpret the message given by the user, the process, the message, the excute what needs to chatbot do based on orders from users, and the outcome of the execution of programs are provided to users [1]. Based on the results of tests carried out, then it can be concluded that the construction of this application will results in application of learning to chatbot is based on android. Its is hoped that the construction of the application of learning to chatbot, the students in SMA IT Alia the city of Tangerang will facilitate in the activities of the study.