Publication Ethics Statement

The code of ethics for the Journal of Waca Cipta Ruang: Scientific Journal of Interior Design refers to the Regulation of the Head of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences number 5 of 2014 concerning the code of ethics for scientific publications. Waca Cipta Ruang is a scientific journal that publishes scientific papers on interior design studies including theoretical studies, art and cultural studies, design studies such as: literature studies, ergonomic studies, interior design environmental systems studies, furniture, and studies of human behavior in space. .

Scientific Journal Management Code of Ethics

Determining scientific papers to be published or not published
Giving freedom to bestari partners and editors to create a work atmosphere that respects privacy and maintains the confidentiality of the work of authors, bestari partners and editors
Guarantee and protect intellectual property rights, especially copyrights, and be transparent in managing funds received from third parties
Promote and ensure the sustainability of journal publishing
Determine the allocation of funding in accordance with the management policy

Code of Ethics for Scientific Journal Editors

Determine the publication process and integrate the functions of authors, bestari partners and journal managers to publish good and trusted journals
Respond to criticism, suggestions and objections of the author honestly and transparently
Maintaining the independence of the journal from considerations of pure commercialization and trying to remain a first-class journal in its field
Working based on ethical principles and standards, namely: being responsible for the choice of journal content, obliged to make guidelines for authors, assessing critically that the written work is free from ethical violations, honest and objective, independent, free from prejudice in making decisions including in selecting bestari partners , and ensure that the process of reviewing papers is carried out thoroughly, transparently, objectively and fairly

Code of Ethics for Bestari Scientific Journal Partners

Bestari partners are required to be honest, objective, unbiased, independent, and only side with scientific truth
Bestari partners must be critical in assessing the content of a paper in accordance with their field of expertise, be open about new things, keep the things that are being assessed secret and have the enthusiasm to improve the paper they study.
Assisting editors in determining which papers can be published, and assisting authors to improve the quality of their writings
Bestari partners always adhere to basic principles and scientific analysis in carrying out the process of reviewing a written work

Code of Ethics for Authors of Scientific Journals

Ensuring that those included in the list of authors/writers meet the criteria as authors/writers.
Responsible collectively for the work and the content of the article including methods, analysis, calculations and details.
State the origin of resources (including funding), either directly or indirectly.
Explain the limitations in the research
Respond to comments made by bestari partners in a professional and timely manner.
Inform the editor if you want to withdraw your written work.
Make a statement that the paper submitted for publication is original, has never been published anywhere in any language, and is not in the process of being submitted to another publisher.