Large-Scale Social Restrictions are one of the regulations made by the Ministry of Health in order to accelerate the handling and control of the Covid-19 virus. The city of South Tangerang is one of the cities affected by the spread of the Covid-19 virus and needs to implement a social restriction mechanism for its citizens. This study utilized the value of the number of people under surveillance (ODP), patients under surveillance (PDP), positive Covid-19, the number of patients who were declared cured of Covid-19, and the numbers of deaths for produce a value in a district. Then the scores of all districts are generated and compared to find out which district are in the highest position that must implement social restrictions on its citizens. The method used in this study is the Analytical Hierarchy Process which is able to give weight to the importance of each criterion to produce a ranking. The end result is an application that is able to rank all district in a city to be able to help make decisions in determining what district should apply social restrictions.

Keywords – Covid-19, Ranking, Analytical Hierarchy Processing (AHP)