The learning process must be attractively packaged to motivate the students to learn. Therefore, it needed an interactive media that supports the learning process supported by new tools such as Augmented Reality technology. This technology is widely used for the entertainment industry because it can give a real impression to its users to help increase the motivation of students in learning. This research was making Augmented Reality about the basic physics practice tutorial on the calorimeter module in the Department of Computer Systems at the Indonesian Computer University based on Android. This application presents an introduction to practical tools and materials as well as practical steps. Also, the data of practicum can be done by employing the Mamdani fuzzy method due to assessments are often carried out relating to the right data with the type of substance's heat data, making it difficult to determine. The test outcomes established the application can display 3D objects with the explanation and obtain a data error rate of 0.0000005 using the Mamdani fuzzy method to determine the specific heat. The good performance to show the 3D object should be in light intensity (52 - 9786 lux), and the distance between the AR camera and the marker depends on 10 cm to 70 cm, and the angle from 00 to 600 with a 50% unobstructed marker.