Author Guidline

The following are guidelines for writing articles in Jurnal Riset Akuntansi which are expected to be a consideration for writers. The systematic discussion in the article at least consists of the following sections:

The abstract of this section contains a summary of the research, including research problems, objectives, methods, findings, and contributions of research results. The abstract is presented at the beginning of the text and consists of between 150 to 200 words (presented in English and Indonesian). Abstract followed by a minimum of three keywords (keywords) to facilitate the preparation of the article index.


Describe the background of the research, the formulation of the problem, the aims and objectives of the research, the usefulness of the research.

Literature review, framework, and hypotheses

Presenting a literature review based on a literature review which is the logical basis for developing a framework of thought and hypotheses or research propositions and research models (if deemed necessary).

Research object and method

Contains the research object describing the object under study following the research title and research method which contains research design, operationalization of variables, data collection techniques, units of analysis, sampling techniques, hypothesis testing.

Research results and discussion

Outlining the research results includes the results of research that have been carried out and the discussion includes statistical analysis (if any) and economic analysis.

Conclusions and suggestions

Outlining research conclusions and suggestions containing research solutions and weaknesses, research findings, and limitations.


Contains the sources cited in the writing of the article. Only the sources referred to are included in this reference list. Writing bibliography using APA style. It is recommended to use Mendeley tools


  1. Articles are typed with one-line spacing on A4 paper (21 cm x 29.7 cm). Long direct quotations (more than three lines) are typed in one line spacing with an indented style.
  2. The length of the article is not more than 7,000 words (with Arial font size 10) or a maximum of 25 pages.
  3. Top margin = 4 cm and bottom, left and right = 3 cm.
  4. The cover page states the title of the article and the identity of the author (Name, Email, and Affiliation).
  5. All pages, including tables, appendices, and references must be numbered sequentially.
  6. Each table or figure is given a serial number, a title that corresponds to the contents of the table or figure, and the source of the quotation (if relevant).
  7. Quotation and writing of bibliography must use APA style with Mendeley tools

For more details, please download the template at the following link TEMPLATE