Global Governance Challenges in a Post-COVID World

  • Brendan M Howe Ewha Womans University Graduate School of International Studies
Keywords: Global governance challenges, UN system, UN Governance


Global governance in the post-COVID-19 operating environment faces unprecedented NTS challenges to a broad range of referent objects from the global biosphere, down through systemic security at the international and regional level, through national security, down to vulnerable individuals and groups. These challenges cannot be addressed successfully through the old state-centric mechanisms of international and national governance agendas and policy platforms. The purpose of this study is to assesses the future of global governance challenges in a world ravaged by COVID-19, and the hope offered by new actors in addressing these challenges. Therefore, the rise of new challenges has also brought new actors to the fore, including middle powers, IOs, NGOs, and other civil society organizations and entities. It is the very interconnectedness of the new challenges which empowers the new actors to contribute substantially to global governance in theory and practice.

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