Agricultural Drone Zoning and Deployment Strategy with Multiple Flights Considering Takeoff Point Reach Distance Minimization

  • Ivan Kristianto Singgih School of Industrial Management Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Keywords: Drone, Routing, Rule, Spraying, Zone Control


In the agricultural sector, drones are used to spray
chemicals for the plants. A lawn mowing movement
pattern is one of the widely used methods when
deploying the drones because of its simplicity. A route
planner determines some pre-set routes before making
the drones to fly based on them. Each drone flight is
limited by its battery level or level of spray liquids. To
efficiently complete the spraying task, multiple drones
need to be deployed simultaneously. In this study, we
study a multiple drone zoning and deployment strategy
that minimizes the cost to set up equipment at the
takeoff points, e.g., between flights. We propose a
method to set the flight starting points and directions
appropriately, given various target areas to cover. This
is the first study that discusses the spraying drone
zoning and deployment plan while minimizing the
number of takeoff points, which plays an important role
in reducing the drone set up and deployment costs. The
suggested procedure helps drone route planners to
generate good routes within a short time. The generated
routes could be used by the planner for their chemical
spraying activity and could be used as initial input for
their design, which can be improved with the planners’
experience. Our study shows that when generating an
efficient route, we must consider the number of flight
area levels, directions of the drone movements, the
number of U-turns of the drones, and the start points of
the drone flights

Author Biography

Ivan Kristianto Singgih, School of Industrial Management Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Quantum Machine Learning Laboratory


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