Water is a major human need whose utilization is increasing from time to time. In Indonesia, clean water is generally managed by PDAM (Regional Water Company), which is a company owned by the Regional Government which is engaged in the distribution of drinking water / clean water to the community. Water use by PDAMs generally uses a water meter that functions to measure the volume of water that has been used in m3 units. To check the amount of water used by the PDAM is done by sending officers to each customer every month to record one by one. This method is less effective and efficient and requires a lot of energy and costs. Therefore a prototype watermeter is made that can send the amount of water that has been used to the website using water flow sensors, valves, and ESP32. The test results obtained get a sensor reading accuracy of 98.12% and an error of 1.88%. Monitoring the use of water volume can also be seen on the website and the price that must be paid appears. And can cut off the flow of water using the valve water meter if the customer has problems making payments.