Over time there will be many problems faced by the production industry today, especially the problems in the production management line. PT. PERTAMINA (Persero) DPPU Halim Perdanakusuma is a company serving Avtur jet A-1 and avgas for domestic, charter, or private flights operating at Halim Pk. To anticipate the possibility of shortages or oversupply, good capacity planning is adaptive to demand minimal cost. So there is no overstocked capacity and the company gets the optimal profit in each production. This study aims to determine the aggregate planning of avtur production capacity as a whole to meet the demand of orders with the aim of minimizing operational costs. This study obtained horizontal data patterns which then forecasting using the best method is to use the moving average method that produces the smallest MAPE value of 0.082282. Based on the results of aggregate planning the best method used is the mixed strategy method by observing fluctuating production plans and quarterly periodic demand of Rp. 1,410,087,876,000 which produces the lowest cost compared to other strategies.