In the importance of Internet network in today's society, the number of users of Smartfren simcard still lower than the competitor. The results of the Top Brand Award survey showed that in 2019, Smartfren reached the 4th order with an index of 6%. This can indicate that Smartfren does not have a strong brand, so it is necessary to increase brand equity. The research was aimed to produce the proposed improvement of Smartfren brand equity. The research was conducted by spreading the questionnaire against 137 respondents in Bandung. The percentage of Smartfren brand awareness is 6% for top of mind level, 55% for brand recall level, 29% for brand recognition, and 11% unaware of brand. The perceived quality shows that the average value of Smartfren satisfaction of 2.92 (scale 4) means the satisfaction of Smartfren has not been better than competitors. Smartfren has 6 positive associations and 7 associations are eliminated. Smartfren brand loyalty users are at the price level buyer. The proposed for Smartfren is increasing the strengthening of brand associations, adding discounts, participating in activities to sponsor activities, improve network quality and Internet speed related to the wide range or coverage of Smartfren services, and the simcard size