Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSEs) during the covid-19 pandemic, an organization that was directly affected in Indonesia today. So that SMEs are demanded to have good performance. Many MSEs currently found do not have integrated performance measurement from a financial and non-financial perspective. One tool to measure performance is to use the performance prims method. The selection of this method is based on the measurement needs for each aspect of the company (stakeholder), which consists of: consumers, suppliers, employees, government, investors, and the community. The results of the performance assessment were 22 KPIs, namely 5 KPIs that were categorized as bad, 10 KPIs that were classified as sufficient, and 7 KPIs that were categorized as good. 5 KPIs that are in the sufficient category, namely the application of concepts to production productivity, welfare improvement, employee discipline levels, attention to employee health insurance, accelerated time to fulfill obligations to suppliers.