The visual display of ground or building vibrations can be seen directly using devices that take microtremor measurements. Microtremor device consists of DATAQ software, data logger and seismometer which can display the vibration signal directly. This system is quite widely used in monitoring disaster events. In the landslide due to earthquakes, landslide vulnerability analysis is carried out after taking measurements, through data processing using Geopsy software. Some features in Geopsy, such as H/V, SPAC, and Damping, are used to provide quantitative values, while Particle Motion provides a visual display of the direction of particle motion. The frequency range used in this study is 1 - 15 Hz. The results showed the direction of particle motion in the western area of ​​the slope was dominated by northwest-southeast (NW-SE) while in the east of the slope was dominated by the movement of particles in all directions. The pattern of particle motion in the southern area of the slope is northwest-southeast (NW-SE), northeast-southwest (NE-SW), and east-west (EW), while the movement of particles in the vertical direction is dominated by the direction of quadrant II - quadrant IV.


Key words: particle motion, microtremor, slope, frequency