Publication Fee

Article Fee

Article Submission Fee: IDR 0.00

Article Processing Fee: IDR 0.00

Article Publication Fee: IDR 0.00

Global Political Studies Journal (GPSJournal) (P-ISSN 2301-749X, E-ISSN 2686-2905) is a free and open access journal. Author submission, as well as article processing, and publishing is free of fee. Readers can read and download any full-text articles for free of fee.


Printed Journal Fee

Especially for readers or librarians who want a printed version, you can contact the GPSJournal Editor in Chief. The production fee for the printed journal is IDR 75,000.00 per issue, not including courier cost.



In the process after submitting, reviewing, publishing, until the delivery of the printed version requires various resources. This is not charged by the author but to the sponsor, so there is no fee incurred by the author. However, we will give a penalty to the author who decides to retract or withdrawal the article during the review process until publication. Because based on our assumptions, it shows that the author does not respect the process we do. The fee transferred by the author amounted to IDR 500,000.00 in order to retract or withdrawal the article. After that, the author must contact GPSJournal Editor in Chief to verify the article retract or withdrawal.