This research is based on the theory of social assessment, is part of the theory of communication that describes and describes how individuals assess the messages that begin when reading, listening or responding a message done. This research uses quantitative approach done by using survey method, which has focus on attitude effect on hate speech in social media at youth in Condet area, Jakarta The main hypothesis using path analisys test is calculated using SPSS (Statistical Programme Servive Solution) based on spreadsheets from Microsoft Excell. Obtaining data with questionnaire to 212 respondents as sample, through stratified random sampling technique.

The research hypothesis was rejected, that there was no direct and indirect influence of hate speech on social media on the attitude and opinion of youth in Condet Jakarta area. The affective aspect relating to one's emotional outlook does not show any influence, nor is the conative aspect of hate speech acts showing no indirect effect in the appearance of influence on hate speech. Youth opinion is not good against hate speech in social media, also has been a change from social media often visited by youth, Facebook (FB), Twitter, YouTube to WhatsApp (WA) and Instagram (IG).