The poor are not yet in Sirnabaya Village yet getting a card JKM. The community is still difficult to get health insurance servants, for these questions researchers are interested in conducting research. Research conducted using mixed research (mixed methods). The mixed method strategy used in this study is a sequence of quantitative and qualitative analysis, the purpose of this strategy is to identify the concept component (subconcept) through analyzing quantitative data and then collecting qualitative data to obtain available information. Sampling is done using the Disproportionate Stratified Random Sampling technique.

            Priority service effectiveness in the Regional Health Insurance service (Jamkesda) is seen from responsibility responsibility, responsiveness and commitment as village officials in regional health service needs (Jamkesda) included in the good category, service improvement according to the category either but in accordance with sub-variables or rejecting Measurement which is intended for the community is still not optimal in some of the respondents who have difficulty in contacting officers to get services and get assistance that is not the same in the service .