Australia is the closest neighbor of Indonesia. Relations between the two countries have a long history. It is undeniable that in the course of its relations Indonesia and Australia often experience conflicts. In the days of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's leadership, there was a wiretapping incident by Australia against Indonesia. This raises the tension of bilateral relations between the two countries. This study aims to examine more deeply the Indonesian foreign policy related to the Australian espionage case. The research method used is a descriptive analysis method, namely research that uses a pattern of depicting the state of empirical facts accompanied by descriptive arguments that are relevant. Then, the results of the description are followed by analysis to draw analytical conclusions. President SBY as a leader played an important role in Indonesia's foreign policy, as evidenced by his tenure as President SBY took several Foreign Minister roles in approaching each dialogue partner in order to gain the Australian Government's trust in his commitment.