This research is motivated by the existence of irregularities in the process of Accepting New Students (PPDB) for the Family of Poor Economic Paths in every State Senior High School in Majalengka Regency so that the implementation is not on target. Based on the background, the researcher needs to know how the monitoring process of the Regional Education Office Branch of Majalengka District IX in the implementation of the program. The research method used is descriptive method through a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques carried out by field studies, literature studies, observations, interviews, and documentation. The results of the research can be seen that in the implementation of PPDB JKETM SMA there are still irregularities in the PPDB SMA in Majalengka Regency, including the lack of awareness from parents / guardians of CPDB on what rights and obligations each CPDB has, there are no specific sanctions imposed on each parties who misuse the PPDB system so that no deterrent effect is received by the parties concerned, school supervisors have not carried out the supervisory function as a whole but only preventively through socialization and only receive reports from the implementing committee, so that there are deviations from the prospective new students (CPDB) ) which is not known by the school supervisor and ultimately impedes the effectiveness of the high school PPDB supervision. Another finding is that there is no openness of supervision through the media by the Regional Education Office Branch of Majalengka District IX so that reciprocal supervision from the community and schools has not been carried out.