This article talks about local wisdom in dealing with stunting in East Flores Regency. The goal is to explore and discover wisdom and values of local Bu’a Oring tradition of Lamaholot indigenous community in supporting sustainable efforts when dealing with stunting in East Flores Regency. The study applied qualitative method with descriptive approach. Data collection techniques were through interviews, observation and documentation. Collected data were analyzed through series process of data reducing, data presenting and conclusion drawing. The research founded that government’s effort in reducing stunting prevalence through focused PMT program called Gerobak Cinta faced serious challenges related to sustainability aspect. Therefore, the Bu’a Oring tradition can act as an alternative in sustainably stunting management. The values of mutual cooperation, togetherness, commitment and deliberation of Bu’a Oring tradition should be internalized to support the continuation of independent stunting handling by the community, even without government intervention. Since the tradition itself is a part of the local culture and wisdom which has been embedded in local community’s way of life and still carried out up until now.